INTO OLYMP  (2LP / DL out on may 5th 2017 at karlrecords)
Karlrecords // After their furious debut „Aquanaut“, Leipzig’s LAURENT DE SCHEPPER TRIO release a mature follow up that sees the genre-blending jazz / indie formation heading for new peaks.
4 years have been passing since the LAURENT DE SCHEPPER TRIO unleashed their highly praised debut album „Aquanaut“: „great band“ (De:Bug), „worth listening and important“ (Wolf Kampmann / Eclipsed) or „stunning magnificence!“ (Subjectivisten) were some of the opinions on the Leipzig-based formation whose sound blends fluidly the progressive now-jazz of NILS PETTER MOLVAER, TALK TALK’s ethereal art-pop and the structural freedom of SONIC YOUTH.
„Into Olymp“ – the title as well as the artwork document an extended band trip to Greece in october 2015 – again turns out a corybantic stylistic balancing act, a brilliant symbiosis of jazz and indie, mature serenity and vital dynamics, sublime finesse and high energy. A truly monumental effort, recorded at Ballroom Studios / Dresden, produced by JOHANNES GERSTENGARBE and soundwise refined by REUBEN COHEN / LURSSEN MASTERING in Burbank, California.
Vinyl cut by RASHAD BECKER at D&M, Berlin.


MIN to POLY ≙ Into Olymp  (compact disc / DL – out on sep 29th 2017 at karlrecords) 
in his deconstructions of selected tracks from the original “Into Olymp” album, LARS NAGLER carves out new aspects of the multifaceted, genre-blending style of the leipzig based jazz / indie formation LAURENT DE SCHEPPER TRIO.
when released earlier this year, “Into Olymp” by LAURENT DE SCHEPPER TRIO was welcomed as  “killer jazz album” (If Music, London) or album “of olympic niveau” ( – fully deserved, as the trio-turned-quartet delivered a sublime symbiosis of jazz and indie, mature serenity and vital dynamics. LARS NAGLER, longtime-friend of the band and mostly known for his video productions (a.o. for AGF, LEAFCUTTER JOHN, ANDREW PEKLER) but also a musician himself and co-curator for MAJOR LABEL who released the AG GEIGE and DIE TÖDLICHE DORIS boxsets, took the original material as starting point for deeper excursions into the stylistic terrain – following suggested paths into postrockish passages but also opening doors into more electronic abstractions and trippy chambers …
NAGLER cut, edited and processed the single tracks, rearranged and re-interpretated the sounds and structures – enter “MIN to POLY ≙ Into Olymp” which is far more than just a remix version. it proves an album in its own full right!


KRYPTOS  (7″ / DL – out on nov 1th 2013 at karlrecords)
spring 2013 saw the release of LAURENT DE SCHEPPER TRIOs fulminant debut longplayer after the self-released EP “Telemark” – “Aquanaut” gained highest praise in the press: “here’s something emerging that connects the young german jazz scene with the international sound elite of jazz” (Wolf Kampmann), “refreshingly open-minded jazz … great band.” (De:Bug) and “finest entertainment at the highest level” (Westzeit) were some of the opinions. the new track “Kryptos” offers all qualities of this leipzig based band, guest vocalist PAULA AKINSINDE (IAN SIMMONDS / KLINKE AUF CINCH) blends excellently into the sound cosmos of the tight trio and is way more than just an ornamental attachment. the KAMMERFLIMMER KOLLEKTIEF remix „The Crypt“ on side B triggers finest ecstatic moments and is a perfect completion exclusively available on this limited edition of 300 handnumbered 7”es incl. a postcard!


AQUANAUT (compact disc / DL  – out on march 15th 2013 at karlrecords) 
„refreshingly open-minded jazz comes from Laurent De Schepper Trio from leipzig… at times more jazzy, at times rocking ahead and then again tending more towards an atmospheric, cinematic music.” (De:Bug 03/13)


handmade mini compact disc – out on march nov 15th 2009 at dynojet