disregarding genres, styles and conventional song structures Laurent de Schepper creates an extremely unique programmatic consisting of a structural concept that occurs behind the virtuosity of the musicians. exciting and diverse, rapid, woven soundscapes emerge, shifting the mix ratio of basic musical elements into startling new constellations. no part of the trio is harmless. and yet, it is and remains music that you can simply listen to – unconditionally and without prerequisites. the laurent de schepper trio is an independent music group established in 2009. we are based in leipzig and dresden.
isabel fischer [ bass] lars oertel [ drums] thomas bär [ saxophon]
(Jan W. Broek)  “stunning magnificence!“
(Wolf Kampmann / Eclipsed)  “here’s something emerging that connects the young german jazz scene with the international sound elite of jazz … worth listening and important.”
(Karsten Zimalla / Westzeit)  “the electro-jazz-avantgardists from leipzig deliver a debut CD which absolutely does not have to hide from the elaborates of highly regarded genre stars as “Aquanaut” offers finest entertainment at the highest level … here, each second of joyful listening counts twice.”
(insound.com) “the Laurent de Schepper Trio concentrate the progressive now-jazz of Nils Petter Molvaer, the ethereal art pop of Talk Talk and the structural freedom of Sonic Youth into multi-faceted, rapidly-moving compositions that embrace cinematic soundscapes as well as emancipated instrumental dialogues. “
(If Music, London) “killer jazz album”
(De:Bug)  ” great band.”